Monday, 5 April 2010

LE vs Non LE

Ok, So when the LE came out i was gutted i wasnt an ss.
So now when its all sold (Typical)..I am one.
And there was one outfit I really wanted, with the heavy cost of 125 sd
So I were doing some shoping as an ss (Shout out to JeweI)
And I came across a designer, by the name of Mant__*
With some great designs
so I came out with the idea for this post...

So The LE side- 50 Sd for the top and 75 sd for the skirt! = 125
So the Non LE- 9sd for the skirt and 9sd for the top designed by Mart*__=18sd
A huge discount off 107 sd
So next time your thinking LE have a shop around (:
And If you know off anymore great designers commets below please



  1. OMG the shirt looks exactly the same!



  2. That top is just slightly... Yellow?
    But other than that... Wow!
    Love it.
    And damn you Summer for not telling me about this designer BEFORE I bought that flippin' fifty SD top!