Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Free Dress. . .

And its simple too get too !
Just click HERE
And enter the comp
~Summer ♥

Free Camp Rock Items. . .

Too get them just click HERE and there be in your dressing room :)

Monday, 30 August 2010

Free Tulips. . .

So Click HERE
And click number 21 on the calendar , Click on the Tulips;
Then click buy. . .
~Summer ♥

LE is out!

While some items we really didnt like- Others we simply loved, The store is out but not all items are in there atm, so This picture below shows all . . . .

All so we noticed some non ss items! :O Glitch?

~Summer and Leah ♥

JCP Teen is OUT!

Any plans on what you're gonna buy?
Comment xx

Free Saturdays Dress

Yet another free dress today :)
This ones simple too get
Just click HERE And dress up the doll, and save too get your free dress delivered too your suite.
~Summer ♥

E&J Aurora dress. . .

Wow, I love this dress, And its free! :D
so if your from Poland, Click HERE
If not, Use a proxy, I used; proxyhideout.com/
Put in the blank box- Stardoll.com
Then press ok,
Log into stardoll. . .
When you are logged in change the proxys url from stardoll.com too http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=556
Let the page load- then log into stardoll as normal,
Your also get free shoes :) But I was more excited about the dress!
~Summer ♥

**Winners of the Make-up competition**

We had some amazing entries, and now it's time to announce the winners.
So, starting from the 3rd place...an amazing effort from Chloe/xStarxStruckx

And click HERE if you wanna visit her blog (:
2nd place goes to....Ro/RoisinB

And the winner is....*drums* Mano/KraxyKat96

Congratulations ;D
Contact me (sweetie-lyra) on how to get your gifts/money (:
Thank you to everybody that participated....here's a pic.

Lyra & Summer.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

New HB Shoes out!

I noticed the new HB shoes are out. . .
What do you think about them ?
I have mixed feelings . . .
~Summer ♥

Saturday, 28 August 2010

I have seen it all. . .

May I be the first too say, wtf?
So this new RC- CC , Has a mucked up head too say the least.
I think stardolls, Just going down hill, In the last week, The amount of glitches have been stupid,
Everyone looking like dudes, Naked Catwalkers, Now She miss placed her head?
Stardoll, Its about time you sorted it out- You get enough Money.

Hidden SATC items. . .

Hey Guys Im home (Sorry leah :P)
And I have too say im in LOVE with the new Satc store!
So as you can see, There are shopping bags! Which I love!
Just click HERE and all the skin colours will appear,
you just have too find your match!
4Sd, Bargain! Shame its superstar only :(

Friday, 27 August 2010

Stardoll and the City - Tribute store

Incase you havent seen it yet - go check it out ;P
What do you think about the outfits? Do you like them? If so, what did/would you buy?


P.s. Mwahhaha I'm in charge - for the moment ;)



I have noticed something in the last couple of day, but i thought there was something wrong with my laptop...

Is that ^ happening to you too?? Or is it just me -_-

Lol, maybe people are voting for them :L

Thursday, 26 August 2010

***Make-up competition.*** COMPETITION CLOSED!

Hey guys, so we have a competition, and everybody can join... All you have to do is post a pic of you wearing a look created only by the new DOT makeup collection...

There are some rules you will have to follow.

1: You MUST zoom in the pic so we can see clearly. (You dont have to buy the items - non ss can join too - you can just print screen in the dressing room)

2: You can ONLY use the new collection... The simple black eyeliner and the two mascaras CAN be used too.

3: You HAVE to write the items you used...or post a pic of them.

4: You can only enter ONCE.

There will be 3 winners... 1st place will get $15 or a ss gift of their choice (up to $15)

2nd place - $10

3rd place - $5

The prizes will get claimed through the starbazar or gifts...

We will have to contact you if you're the winner so you NEED to write your SD username too.

At least 10 people will have to join otherwise we'll cancel the comp.

You can start entering now, and it ends on the 29th (Sunday). We'll announce the winners on Monday.


New DOT collection is out...

What do you think about the new collection? Do you like it? What did you buy or plan to...?

(: xx

Free St Trinians, EcoGirl Jacket. . .

Ive wanted too own St Trinians for AGES ! :D
So if you not from Poland go to;www.ukryj.info
And put in the black box, Stardoll.com
Log in to stardoll, Then delete stardoll.com from the proxy and put http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=548
Let the page load, Then close the proxy and log into stardoll as normal.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

All Today's News. . . .

First up; The September Hot buys have been released.For More info on the dates and stuff click HERE
Gah, I really really want that necklace, I probably wont be an super
star when it comes out :(
Next we have some spoilers for Dot;

Thanks too SMW for the pictures :D

There have been some updates in the Sunny Bunny Store and MSW store;

You can now get some NEW free camp rock items- Just click HERE too get them in your dressing room.
Also today I noticed this Jazz collection ad- Looks interesting;

That was a really long post^
One last Bit off news- Which has put me in a GOOD MOOD :D
We hit 40 Followers!
Which is amazing, Atm posts are hard for us, We have lost writers, Chloe has collage coming up, And Lyra is grounded- So sneaks on sometimes :P And as for Bethan (Some of you might have noticed the link too her page) She is back as our graphic designer for now, and it welcome too post at any time, Thank-you all guys it means the world- I mean, we where the girls that where dancing at 1o followers (Where kinda crazy. . . .) Now times that by 4, Wow.
For us its amazing, So help us help you; Suggestions for music will be welcomed; I wanna update that :P
Also, Im kinda looking for new writers, Atm, We cant really cope, Due too some personal issues lately, also this weekend- From like friday, Too idk when, Im away- I havent seen my dad in like 8 months, So yeah. . .So any views of the above topics^ or song suggestions, Or even if you wanna write for us. . .
Hit the comment section,
~Summer ♥

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Free Forbidden Dress. . .

If your from the US, Just click HERE , And watch ALL the video- I hear thats important, Im not from the US so i wouldn't know. . .
If your not from the us, Go too;
Paste in the blank box; http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/
Log into stardoll, let the page load
When it has loaded, Close the proxy And log into stardoll as normal.
~Summer ♥

Hot buys Skirt is out !

Hot buys Skirt is out !

And There seems too be a glitch! One is $15 and the other $10!

The only difference is the way grey is spelt!

Hurry down and get yourself a bargain!

Thanks too TSI for the pic, Its like midnight so, I didn’t really have the time too make one !

~Summer ♥

Pics of the whole items that are now on sale.

Summer and I worked really hard on those, so if you wanna use them let us now first, or credit us. (:

50% sale on the Starplaza

On some selected items only....in stores like Bisou, Pretty in Pink and much more...And its until Sunday only so if you wanna buy something, you better act fast. ;P

Stardoll Changes. . .

So Today I logged on too notice a few changes. . .
Am I the only one annoyed by that HUGE star? I hate it!
Not only that it has 'Less rub this into the non-superstars faces' all over it
Im seriously not a fan of this. . .
Then theres the red box- Gah I hate this red box. . . .
What no please?
Then, Half my friends are suddenly dudes? Or stardoll it seems.
Say what? These people have AMAZING me dolls, Can they not show that off?
Name please? seriously they could be prevsareus, And We would be none the wiser!
With the bigger clubs, Member management is an issue, Now we cant even sort that?
Thanks alot stardoll! - Asses.

And I know I look good as a guy- But this is just too much;
I tried too click a mates page and it took me too Callie.stardoll
What another mission too win CG? -_-

Monday, 23 August 2010

Another new MSW item

There's also a new shirt in MSW. It costs $8. (:
Are you gonna buy it?

New Items in MSW!

So when shopping in the starplaza I noticed these too new outfits in the MSW store!
I think the outfits are getting better!
Will you be buying?

Free Dress. . .

So if your from Poland click HERE too enter the contest
If not go too a Polish Proxy, I used http://proxyhideout.com
Type Stardoll.com into the blank box,
Then log in!
When It has loaded change the url in the proxy from stardoll.com too http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=538
Let the page load, Then close that and log into stardoll as normal

New identiTee Floor Coming Soon.

Looks like identTee is getting a new floor ! :D
I have too say the Justin tee annoyed me. . .
I hate his music :T
And Its annoying too the people that spent all that money buying tops from designers,
Im guessing some designers will be annoyed- I would be!
Thanks too TSI for the pic :D
Edit: The New floor has now been realised all items 2sd!
~Summer ♥

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Money, Money...

So little blogging for you ;)

The brown, army styled Jacket is only 8 stardollars.

girl, dog print tee shirt is only 7 stardollars.

the belt is only 2 stardollars, and non SS.
-Chloe ♥

Saturday, 21 August 2010

New HotBuy; Owl Pendent. . .

The new Owl Pendent hotbuy has been released in the starplaza
Its 8sd!
A little pricey for a small necklace- But I love owls! So will be buying!
How about you guys? I also found the RL version of it- Its from H&M
~Summer ♥

Free Apples!

If you are not from Poland or Germany:
Go to:
Then go to Stardoll.com with the proxy server.
Log into Stardoll.
Enter stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=532 in the url bar.
And then leave the proxy and go on Stardoll the way you always do (:

p.s. Im back! - in case you noticed I was gone ;D