Sunday, 18 September 2011


Hi Guys, I just wanted to post this quick post explaining my absence lately..
I really underestimated how hard college would be. It’s not so much the work, It’s more the hours. Draining doesn’t begging to cover it. And then when I do get free time, I’m catching up on work and studying;

I’m starting to slowly get used to this, So bear with me…
I would also like to take this chance to thank my writers who have really stepped up their game in the past couple of weeks, Keep up the great work guys ♥

~Summer ♥

Friday, 16 September 2011

Kiss With A Fist Fashion ~ Other World Ancient

I personally am a HUGE fan of Other World, as you can probably tell by my extensive collection of their items, and I am incredibly glad they have released something new that really is other worldly.
This time it's ancient however and it looks as though they've gone for an ancient Egyptian look for their first release, although I'm guessing there will be more for each one. I'm hoping for Rome.

Effervescent Chiffon Skirt ~ $12
I adore this incredibly floaty, feminie skirt with the golden tones making it extremely regal and look much more expensive than it actually is. I paire it up with Tingeling's Sculptural Corset Top for just 99 Starcoins and Stardoll's Graphit Platforms for 76 Starcoins. The total look costs only $12 and 175 Starcoins, making it a complete and utter steal.

Mesopotamian Carved Pants ~ $8
Love these tights/pants with their grpahic tribal print and simple sheer black undercoating it makes them the centre of any outfit, you could probably get away with wearing just them! I paired them with Other World Ancients very own Bamboo Woven Bustier for $8 and Other World Ancients Effervescent Chiffon Blouse for $10, topping off the outfit with Windows On The Worlds Shoes Inspired By Carin Wester for only 50 Starcoins. Giving the ultimate chic tribal look, the hot on trend for this Autumn. The total look costing $26 and 50 Starcoins.

I have always loved Other World and cannot wait for the rest of this new collection. What about you ?
What ancient do you hope they'll do ?

~ Shannon O.O

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kiss With A Fist Fashion ~ MSW Doree

It seems Stardoll really is going out of there way this year to make sure you spend as much as possible on MSW and trying to win the contest which is far too unlikely compared to the amount of people on Stardoll itself.

Are they really to die for? No, to be quite honest I don't particularly like them all that much, there are a few that are fairly nice but most are just the same colours as always but with the brand of MSW on the bottle.
Here are some of my pics that are okay, but not exactly inspiring or anything.

Sweet Purple ~ $6
I'll admit, I do quite like this colour but being that there are already purple's out in Doree, this one just doesn't stand out as much as it should do considering it's MSW.

Late Summer Gold Haircolour ~ $6
Quite sweet and very summery along with that whole kind of innocent girly look if that's what you like. However I wouldn't suggest it if your Doll's skin is anything other than pale because it would definately clash because of the light, simple tones of the dye.

What do you think of Stardoll's over sell of MSW by not only bringing out a store but also a Doree and Polished. I reckon there'll be a Decor next or a Splendid, they are truly comitted to getting as much money as possible out of this.

Do you agree ?

~ Shannon O.O

Monday, 12 September 2011

Gift-o-Meter. ♥

I suppose Stardoll's just being nice so they've released a new gift-o-meter.
This one runs from the 12th of September to the 18th.

♦Superstars have to spend 300 Stardollars [10 gifts]
♦Non-superstars must spend 1000 Starcoins [5 gifts]

Here is a snapshot of items you can win;

♦ Yellow tags are for Superstars only
♦ Purple tags are for non-Superstars [and] I believe any SSs that spend Starcoins can recieve the Starcoin gift also.

-Yasmine. (:
I apologize for not posting in some time.

Kiss With A Fist Fashion ~ PPQ

Personally, I am a very big fan of PPQ and so of course it was so hard to have to chose my favourites from this one. And with the Autumn/Winter collection being just so incredible I decided instead to just pick some of my personal favs and let you choose, rather than doing a whole outfit for each. Because I'd be here forever.
Compared to the last seasons bright colours PPQ seem to have reverted back to black and man is it working. Instead of the original black and gold they've added the most beautiful of plums colours along with dark and light grey.

Sequin Slash Minidress ~ $28  &  Sequin Snake Wrap Top ~ $24
I adore both of these items and have paired them together because of their similair colours and the added extra layer of the Wrap Top gives the simple patterned dress an extra edgy look. The dress goes great on it's own along with the Wrap Top paired up with a simple pair of jeans/trousers because of it's bold look. The price of the two comes to $52 but with the mix and match effect both items give it definately makes it worthwhile compared to more expensive items that don't go with anything.

Tulle Arm Ruffle Dress ~ $26
I am in love with the dress, the ruffle detailing and soft shoulder cut gives your doll an extremely slender look along with the extra added ruffle making it stand out. The little black dress just took on a whole new meaning.

Amethyst Puddle Dress ~ $24
Again the little black dress is apparently in this season and PPQ is taking it to so many new heights. And the Purple Puddle Dress beats them all! With the different shades of purple, asymetric stlye and long sleeves make it incredibly slimming and more than easy on the eyes.

All dresses were paired with either the Tulle Ruffle Heels or similair Grey Tulle Ruffle Heels, both from PPQ and both $20. Although with such standout items I sure we could forgive you if you went barefoot.
What's your favourite little black/grey dress ?

~ Shannon O.O

Friday, 9 September 2011

Kiss With A Fist Fashion ~ MSW Store and Polished

Stardoll is really going crazy with this years MSW promoting it every which way they can, starting off with two brand new stores centered on the highlight event of the entire year.

Some of the items {although extremely overpriced along with everything else lately in Stardoll} are actually quite nice, even if they are just there for money.

MSW Store

Blueberry Layer Minidress ~ 120 Starcoins
I actually think this dress is pretty cool compared to some of the other designs SD has come up with lately. The camo style is so on trend and the deep purple and splashes of pink make it so feminine at the same time as being almost rebelish. You can dress it up, down, girly or rock. Your choice. Of course my own is rock =]
I paired the dress with the Fallen Angel Stargate Blazer {and if you brought it from one of my older suggestions you can easily re-use and re-style your Doll} for $13 and the Windows Of The World Black Ballet Platforms at 80 Starcoins, giving an overall simple yet incredibly chic MSW look.
The total look comes to 200 Starcoins and $13.

Dotted Petticoat Dress ~ $16
I really quite like the element of old style clothing that Stardoll has added into this item with the dotted red and white pattern. However you may need to wear a bra underneath or slim fit shirt as the V is very deep. I went for a slightly different option.
Matching with MSW's own Minorca Swimsuit for $12 the colours go great with the underlying swimsuit adding a splash of colour underneath the plain pattern. I also added MSW's Gemstone White Booties for $10 creating a flirty and playful look for $38.

MSW Polished

Shooting Stars ~ $17
With the nail polish itself being the main background for all MSW page's it means your Doll's nails can now match MSW itself. I quite like the deep purple with lighter fading at the top and would suggest it for longer nails to get the full effect of the detailing.

Glitter Sky ~ $20
Definately a little steep for some nail polish BUT the varnish itself actually has glittering graphics, so is it worth the extra Stardollors for some moving nails ? I think so, but what about you ?

And while we're on the topic of MSW {which everyone is lately} the runout time for MSW pass ends this Sunday so hurry up and get your own if you want those extra gifts as well as starcoins, which has never been given before. Could come in very handy.

Enjoy. What are your own favourites from the new MSW line ?

Shannon O.O