Monday, 31 May 2010


Two things I feel the need to point out. The first is the bikinis you used to get free with the Harajuku perfume campaign. Now, I think they are cute and all, but they don't actually fit properly...

Also the play and earn dolls you get...Well they don't promote the right things do they?

~Bethan xx.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Free Lena Outfit - SS only.

If you are not from Germany go to Copy and paste this into the blank box: hit Browse! Then Login to stardoll!!

Erase the previous link from the proxy and paste this: and click"GO".

Close the window and go to Stardoll, they will be in your suite :)


The Awards...

Just click HERE too learn more!
Comment with your Nominess below
Remember the categories are:
-Nicest Person award
-Best Designer
-Best Dressed
-Most Creative

Friday, 28 May 2010

Free Microphone - SS only.

If you are not from Germany go to Copy and paste this into the blank box:
And then hit Browse and login to stardoll!! Later, erase the previous link from the proxy and paste this click "GO" Close the window and go to Stardoll as usual will be in your suite

Free hat!

If your from the US Just click Here and watch the vid
If not go too
(Close the crappy ad's)
Log in...Let it load...Then Close it
And log into stardoll as normal

Free StarStruck Outfit!

If your from Sweden click Here!

Otherwise go too

Then paste this into the blank box

Log in- Let the page load. Close the page

Then just log in as normal :)

Sorry Its been a while guys- It was my b-day yesterday

Bethan has been sitting exams

And Lyra- Is well being Lyra :L

-Summer.x (Hope this helps)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Free White Queen Alice in wonderland dress!

If your from the US Just click here
If not go too
And paste this into the blank box:
Log in to stardoll, then remove that address^ and add this one:
Hit Enter and let the page load =]
Log in too stardoll as normal and your dress will be at your place!

Free Voile Dress!

If your from Poland click Here!
If not just go too
And paste this into the blank box:
Log in too stardoll...Then remove that address from the proxy^ and paste this one :
Let the page load then log out
When you log into stardoll as normal your dress will be in your suite! xD

June Hot Buys :D

They come out in different days, starting from 4 June :D The Orange lace top is the first one that comes out, and then there are the others lol.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Free OutFit

Hyee Guys, Sorry I havent been blogging lately- Ive been ill :/

So Thanks too Underneath Stardoll for the pic :]
So the one lined in red is the free one (I'm in love with the top and coat thingy with the tie ^.^) I think its great there free! Thats 5 Free Items!
So If your in Sweden Click Here
Then Paste In too the blank box =]
Let it load
then close that and log in too stardoll normally =]
Close ads and things ^.^
I'll keep you posted As too when the next ones out ;D

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Free Alice Red Queen Dress! ♥

People from the US just click here
Any one else head other too And in the blank box paste this Log in then let the page load ;D

Keep closing the pop-ups and Ads
There a pain in the ass!
But I'm in LOVE with this dress!


More Changes!

Now they're just getting greedy!

Great News- No more you go frist and risk taking . You can now charge up too 500 SD for your unwanted items- But tbh with a greedy 10% Commission rate they’re just (Ignore my language) Taking the piss!

Now the people of stardoll Will want more money for the items- Resulting in unaffordable prices- Resulting in kids needing more star dollars- Making stardoll more money- Ok its a business and all- BUT this is real life money- and if they’re gonna change more tbh they should get some better staff.

Yeah I love sd- But the staff never seem too help me- I'm sure many of my friends in the twilight club (Shout out too Dee Dee and Emily ♥) Will agree with me on this matter-I have hate accounts that are still there- For crying out loud how hard is it too delete an account- They seem too mistakenly do this all the time as it is! So my point for going on and bloody on is- If they use the money well and actually stop the haters and pedo's then maybe I’m with them...


New Alice in Wonderland items (Suite Shop)

Hi again....3 new Alice in Wonderland items are out, in the suite shop. The Cheshire cat is sooo cute, I guess I wanted the gray version, but....who cares? xD


New Miss Sixty collection

Hello, if you haven't already noticed, there's a new Miss Sixty collection... It's too bad that SD sometimes makes everything SS-only, it's unfair for non-SS. :/ Now excuse me while I buy something. :D
xoxo, Lyra.

Monday, 17 May 2010

New Hot Buys!

New Hot Buys are out.

There's a Pretty in Pink hat - costs $6
And a Rio skirt - $10 (This one got out earlier)

And, like always, they're SS only. :/

Lyra x]

Meet The Team...

Heyy Guys, So We've been blogging ALOT- So its about time you got too know us...And today we have a new member of the Team Lyra! A.k.a Sweetie-Lyra


Summer (me xD)-So I have been blogging Since I set this blog up- I have like no idea when that was- If your really smart you might be able too let me know or something

Bethan- Meh, I do this when I'm bored :L JK haha I havent been blogging recently D: I promise to do it more though hehe.

Lyra- Er...I just joined the team, woohoo, lol. I will start blogging soon ...So...I like your beard ;) Lmao.


S- Here's my chance too Complain ::L....Haha- This is on of the main reasons I set up the blog- Too Help Non-Superstar's....At the end of the day real life has too come frist too me- Its my brithday in 10 days *Cough Cough* too All them Superstars who I have helpped who want too buy me a gift :L

B- I'm a ss ^.^ Its quite good tbh. Don't worry Summer, when you become one again, it will be fine!! You suite and clothes arent that bad anyway!!!

L- I'm a ss. ;) And....

How Long Have You Been On Stardoll?

S- Two Years Today!...And been an ss twice- Thats gotta be a record!?

B- Umm not even a year yet -.- Nearly 7 months though ^.^

L- On the account that I use now(sweetie-lyra) from June 2008(I think)...But I've had other accounts before that.

Last Words;

S-Welcome too the Team Lyra Love you ♥

B-Haha Good luck Lyra!! Love you two!! Sisters :3

L- Thanks for warm-welcoming me, lol. Love you both. :D

So there you have it! Our frist meet the team! :')
Maybe there will be a next time..
What too ask us somthing?
Comment xD

Elle is Leaving!?!

I know right!!

I'm as shocked as you are!!

'How could they?', I hear you shout, well I think they are going to put some new brands in!!

Well I know what I'm doing with my Grandmas hard earned money *Buys stardollors* xD

Anyways, How are you all? I havent blogged in a while!!


-Bethan on't job xx

Miss Sixty Spoilers...

What do you think of these spoilers? What will you be buying
Sigh- I miss the ss life! :'(

Starbazaar Changes!

Im guessing this is the reason why my stardoll was a muck up yesterday!? :
Thanks too Underneath Stardoll for the image as my laptop is too small too see the whole page :@
As you can see, you can now see how much you will make from the sale
And how much it will cost..Great news..For someones thats not an ss *Rolls eyes* :'(
Comments please! ;D
-Summer ^.^


Whats going on? Another Sale?
Are we saying goodbye too ELLE?
Times like this I feel like crying :'(
I want the ss Life! :'(
Im gonna Go cry my sleep back too sleep now :'/
blogging is a good way too spend my sick day ^.^
Comments please!

Friday, 14 May 2010

BigTime Rush...

Hey Guys (:

If your in the UK just click here and join the club!
If your out of the uk its worth trying
Its a proxy, But as Me and Bethan are from the UK, we cant try it out...

So from there (If it works) Put into the proxy, log in and join the club!
Let us know how it goes ;D
-Summer and Bethan

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Another Sale! And Free Superstardom!

Yet another sale?!

Ok, This is now getting crazy now

I guess its good stuff for Superstars.

-Crys to myself-

But us poor non-ss's :'(


Haha- Btw guys while I remember...New accounts get too be an ss for 24 hr's on the 3rd day ;D

I tryed this! (Send 60 sd of gifts too yourself :L)


Freebie Special!

Free Bag And Hat!

To get the hat and bag for free (We're in love with the bag!)

Go too (Close the ad's!)

Hit that Browse button!

Login too stardoll

Erase the previous link from the Proxy then paste this one;

Let it load- Then close that window- and log in to stardoll as normal

Free FaceBook Dress!
Good News xD
As Stardoll as reached 50,000 'likes' heres a free give away!
(Make sure your logged into stardoll)

Free Swimsuit and Mag!

And if this doesnt work- (There are some problems outside of the uk)
Try this;


Click 'Go To Get The Gifts'!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Say GoodBye Too Another Brand....

Frist DNKY, then Vivenne Tam- Now Philosophy!?...So what do you thinking about all this?- 3rd shop too goo in such a small amount off time!
What New Shops Are You Hoping Too See?

Monday, 3 May 2010


Wow- Its been a while guys...Lifes been keeping me busy (:

So Lets start off with yet another SALE!

As you can see the Vivenne Tam, stuff is on sale- Be sure too get your fav bits before its too late!