Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Kiss With a Fist Fashion ~ September Hotbuys

It seems that lately Stardoll is going for a colour / print theme when it comes to the Hotbuys and September is in store for the green, pink, purple and that bold Animal style. All of the Hotbuys this month are completely stunning I think. Usually there's one or two that aren't as good as the others but I think SD has finally pulled off a whole collection of amazing Hotbuys.

Feather Drop ~ Glam'rus ~ September 1st
Roar Tee ~ Evil Panda ~ September 3rd
Bead Necklace ~ Folk ~ September 6th
Pink Cheetah ~ Fudge ~ September 8th
Pink Cheetah ~ Rio ~ September 11th
60's Swing Dress ~ Decades ~ September 15th
Hooded Terrie ~ PopShop NY ~ September 19th
Anklet Platforms ~ Rio ~ September 23rd
Emerald Tote ~ Rio ~ September 26th
Emerald Flair ~ Rio ~ September 30th

It seems most of the items this month come from Rio and with one very strange dog coming from PopShop September is certainly in for a shock.

Personally I am looking forward to the Roar Tee and Swing Dress, and with the way they've paired the top with the Flair Skirt it makes it look like a very Salsa style dress.

What can't you wait for ???

~ Shannon O.O

Kiss With a Fist Fashion ~ Opulance Decor

The new Decor store Opulance is all about upper class and sophistication. With only a few key items being Superstar it means that everyone can have a shot at getting glamour in their Suite's without having to pay too much.

Here are some of my choices as to what I think IS Opulence.

Sardinia Sea Sofa ~ $23
I adore this chic blue sofa and the patterned detail on the cushioning means it can go with almost any style of room you have and fit in perfectly to add that bit of elegance.

Dusk Painted Vases ~ 85 Starcoins
I think the vases they have in this new collection are completely stunning and my favourite is the light cream and blue painted ones. The colours seperately are beautiful but together they look perfect to add a bit of glamour to any room.

Check the whole collection out and see which items you prefer. And the interior itself costs $30 which means if you get it you can use older, plainer furniture and decor with the detailed background on the interior providing all the sparkle and glitz you need.

~ Shannon O.O

Kiss With a Fist Fashion ~ Mortal Kiss

With Mortal Kiss's second book came a second store with conviently higher priced items. We know what you're up to Stardoll and this time it won't work. You can still buy some of the shiny, silver items without having to go the whole hog and wasting a bunch of money on only two dresses you'll never put your doll in.

Sheer Maxi Skirt ~ $14
I love this skirt. Because of it's length and cinched in top it means you can pair it with any kind of dress or long top to add an extra layer of volume and texture. I personally love it paired with the Mortal Kiss Mercy Flame Dress but at an overall price of $30 it's not the most afforadable.

So instead try adding a multiptude of items because I find personally there's so many different items that go well with the dress. Such as the Fallen Angel Tube Top for just 40 Starcoins. The Bisou Metal Mesh Tank that's reduced to 60 Starcoins. And the Tingeling Wild Vest for $6.


I personally prefer the tube top because it gives the effect of a whole black jumpsuit with a simple sheer skirt over the top. Pair it with the Fallen Angel Stargate Blazer for $13, Decades CC Belt for 10 Starcoins, Decades Coco Hat for $7 and Archive's Inspired By Alexander McQueen boots at $7. The total outfit costs $41 and 50 Starcoins, but the best thing is all items can be mixed and matched with any other items along with the statement skirt.

I also matched it with the Folk Hot Buys Chinoise Blazer for $21 and Windows On The World White Ballet Platforms at 70 Starcoins. The total price coming in at $35 and 110 Starcoins.

Try your own Mix and Match and see which look you prefer.

~ Shannon O.O

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kiss With a Fist Fashion ~ That Perfect MSW Look

Miss Stardoll World has begun and that means all kinds of crazy new Dolls and outfits. Make sure yours looks ready to win with these style tips and hints on what you could wear.

The Mortal Kiss Ballgown ~ $30 / $18
It certainly stands out with it's shiny pale purple texture and screams upperclass but at $30 it's a little steep. However there is a trick to get it for just $18. A glitch in Stardoll shows the same dress three times. Twice at $18 and once at $30.

All you have to do is search dresses and it's the first page. On the next page you'll find the same dress for $30, but hurry because they're bound to fix it soon.


Try pairing the dress with Other Worlds Waist White Rose for $5, Other Worlds Grey Sky Bodysuit for just $6, Other Worlds Silver Wings for $8 and Sea Of Stars Quartz Ablaze Shoes for just $5 creating an etheral MSW fairy look. Pair it with light make-up and pale skin and you could be a walking winner. All for just $42, including that $30 glitch dress.

For those non superstars and those not wanting to spend all that much you can also create a cheap and similarly effective look that will help people vote for you.

Pretty In Love Deep V Maxidress ~ 120 Starcoins
I Love the dress and it's flowing etheral look gives off the same impace as the Mortal Kiss Ballgown but for a much cheaper price at only 120 Starcoins. I paired it with the Mortal Kiss Peacock Ermine Shrug that you can find for just 80 Starcoins if you search 'white' and 'tops'. I finally added Voile's White Plastic Glitter Heels for only 40 Starcoins to achieve the similair Princess look.

Overall the look costs just 230 Starcoins, much cheaper than the first example but still with the same chic glamour. Maybe also try adding some bright coloured jewellery to truly stand out or even a nice long necklace for the deep V dip.

Good Luck with MSW.

~ Shannon O.O

Miss Stardoll World Pass!

For the price of £4 , you'll receive: One month of Superstar membership, 200 Stardollars, 10 exclusive MSW gifts and 500 Starcoins!

The MSW Pass is available until September 11.

I quite like the gifts, The suitcases are so pretty;

What do you guys make of this offer?
~Summer ♥

Monday, 29 August 2011

And the begging begins.

MSW kicked off earlier today. Here come the tears tantrums and tiaras. *Rolls eyes*
Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to win MSW and have the chance to be a Superstar and all the rest of it. But this year you don’t stand a chance unless you broadcast over and over until the point everyone hates you.
The prizes this year are better than last:


· Free Superstar membership for a whole year

· iPod touch engraved with your name and MSW 2011 Winner

· Instant Royalty status, 1000 Stardollars and 2000 Starcoins

· Miss Stardoll World 2011 Winners Crown and Sash

· Your very own Miss Stardoll World dress-up doll

· Plus a wardrobe full of outfits and invitation to blog on Stardoll

I hate to bust stardoll’s bubble, But the winner will already be Royalty and a Superstar. Fact.
I also saw this a few minutes ago and honestly laughed:

Queen of England will do,Thanks.

If you want to read more about MSW click the pic, Who knows you might just become queen of the world ;)
What do you think of the changes to MSW?

~Summer ♥

Friday, 26 August 2011

Mortal Kiss,School's out!

Mortal Kiss School's out! :)
I like it xD

Film theory classics

This is not exactly new but no one posted about it.
I like it. A bit too silvery,yeah, but it's quite nice :)
How do you guys feel about it?
Let us know.
~Coco :3♥

New Mortal Kiss polished :)

New Mortal Kiss polished in Starplaza. I love them (:
but not so much the worm one xD

how do you guys feel 'bout it?
Let us know.

Zombie time on Stardoll

Hmm. Zombie time on SD? In my opinion it's practically a rip off. They are just getting you to spend more Stardollars. And the outfits aren't exactly that nice either.

How do you guys feel about it?(:
Let us know.
~Coco :3♥

123,456,789 members!

What a number! Stardoll is growing so fast! Be sure to go to the Starplaza and get your free outfit!

Isnt cute!?
~Summer ♥

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

MSW News!

With MSW just a week away Stardoll shared some great news on their facebook page,

They will be sharing with us their favourite blogs which I feel is a great idea,
As a blog owner, I have worked for well over a year to get the readers I have got today..
A chance like this would be amazing, the one thing I want as a writer is for more people to benefit from what I write, I hope that Stardoll give deserving people a chance.
What do you think about the blog contest, to read all about it click the image,
~Summer ♥
**Sorry for the lack of posts, I was away**

Friday, 12 August 2011


Minimalism is now featured in the Starplaza and the Suite Shop.
They've added a few new things to the collection and it's nice to see how the items look paired together.
Click here to view store.


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cut It! Game

So Im going to guess that you have all seen the new stardoll game, Cut It! What do you think? Do you think its fair that its only for iphones, and ipod touches?

Those of you that have played it, what do you think? Are the levels too hard, or too easy? I, myself, use a computer or laptop, so havent had to priveldge to play it. So I want ot hear from you!


Saturday, 6 August 2011

New Polished!

I got this in my inbox yesterday:

What do you make of the new polish range? There's even a free one for SR!
~Summer ♥

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kiss With a Fist Fashion ~ All Kinds of Love

Stardoll seems to be preparing for the Miss Stardoll World with the first few of the 'All Kinds of Love' look. With the MSW crown being up for sale for only 40 Starcoins.

You don't always have to wear the outfits as they are on the mannequins. Here are my picks of the new style's and how to make them stand out and different from everyone else following the Man-nequin.

Love Shorts ~ $8
For just $8 I'd say thats a pretty good price with the bright colour and flattering shapes as well as the option to go high waist with baggier tops. I suggest pairing it with the Killah Noir Bustier Top for $10 and the Moshino Tribute Lollipop Jacket for $18 and FINALLY the Archive Ankle Boots Inspired by Alexander McQueen for just $7. Overall the outfit comes to $43, a little expensive but with the colours being bold it means they could easily be paired with anything else to add that extra splash of colour.

Pretty on the Inside Dress ~ $15
Now this piece I think is AMAZING! The zig zag cut finishes mid thigh making your Dollies legs long and slim as well as the tuck in waist to give your Doll the perfect hourglass figure. The ruffled sleeved make the pixels of the shoudlers less sharp as well as making the dress much more feminine. I suggest pairing with the Sunny Bunny Kloz Purple Paisley Thigh High Stockings for just 70 Starcoins and Other Worlds Geometric Acne Inspired Shoes at $6. Overall the outfit costs $21 and 70 Starcoins making it a practical steal and that dress could be paired with anything depending on the style you want to go for.

This summer high waist EVERYTHING is so on trend with the baggier legs to keep you cool and the fitted waist to make those summer pounds slide away. Even Stardoll has gotten in on the trend and has released a pair of Bizou Chambray High Waist Shorts that I just fell in love with! I paired them with Windows on the World Boatneck Bowtie Blouse for ONLY 60 Starcoins and Baby Phats Studded White Boots at $10. Overall the look is feminine and classic as well as keeping with the pastel on trend colours.

So remember, fight the Man(nequin) and don't just follow the herd.

~ Shannon =]

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Kiss With a Fist Fashion ~ The End is Nigh

Today is the last day that the Alice + Olivia tribute is around and I am personally sad to see it go. With it's classic shapes and styling in bright bold colours it really can make your Doll stand out and with it's last day tomorrow, you might wanna hurry over and pool the last of your coins into a truly FANTASTIC buy. It'll be worth it.

My Picks :

The Black and White Romper ~ $25.
Although it's a little bit expensive I think it's worth it for the hot in trend jumpsuit style and the flattering black and white print, making curves on those skinner MeDolls without making it look bulgy. Also with the high-thigh cut it makes your dolls legs look incredibly long and pair with some brightly coloured heels and your Dolls ready to explore your suite. I suggest Bizou's platform court shoes for just 50 Starcoins.

Faux Fur Skirt ~ $26
Again pretty dear for just a skirt but with the detail on the ruffles and almost metalic sheen it means you could pair it with a plain top and shoes and leave the skirt to do all the rocking. I suggest Basic's Tube Top and Ballet Flats at a small cost of just 30 Starcoins.

Layered Silk Dress ~ $32
This dress is incredible, the icy blue colours being insanely on trend for summer whilst the deep V make it cool and the ruffles add the elegance, meaning that $32 is really a good price for it. Your Doll can look different from everyone else by paring the soft dress with Killah's Jingle Thong Sandals to play down the elegance of the dress and make it look more beach party fun that meeting the boyf's parents.

So hurry up on over and get the Alice + Olivia look or perhaps look for similair items to make it look like the A+O collection.

~ Shannon x

Miss Stardoll World 2011!

Stardoll posted this image on their Facebook page! Just for weeks into the search for the next MSW begins!
On the 16th (Which is the day I booked my plane ticket for D:) Stardoll will be showing us a MSW teaser page!

Are you looking forward to MSW 2011?

~Summer ♥

Monday, 1 August 2011

First Day of Ramadan.. :D

Every year, Stardoll brings out a calendar. Every day, a new surprise will come, for a month.

Today's the first day of Ramadan and behind the first door is a free interior!

I've happily decorated mine;

Be sure to check back every day for a new gift.
-Yasmine. ♥