Thursday, 30 September 2010

More Stardoll Updates

It seems a new décor section has been added
Could this mean more Décor shops?
~Summer ♥

Dove Freebies . . .

Just click HERE, And Log into stardoll :)

Free Simple Lipsey Dress

Go To a uk proxy, Like ;
Type into the blank box,, and hit enter
Login too stardoll,
Then change the proxy URL to
Let the page load, then leave the proxy and log into stardoll as normal.
Will you be getting the dress?
~Summer ♥

Tingeling Halloween Couture and New Mortal Kiss Floor

Hey guys, Tingeling Halloween Couture is now out on the StarPlaza...Some of the stuff are non-ss two, but most of them are superstar only... The prices are from 9$ (Shoes only) to 40$.
And there is also a new Mortal Kiss floor. The outfits are pretty cheap and almost all of them are non ss.

What will you be buying from both stores?

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Game Zone and HB Jacket.

First: The new store, Game Zone, personally, I love it! Who wouldn't want Super Mario and Pacman stuff!? It's like... Reliving my childhood. Jk, I still play Super Mario! There is a mix of Superstar and Non Superstar in the store, but a couple of items might require a few days of Play & Earn.

Tbqh, I don't like this Hot Buy, it's... Over the top, in some sense. Well, you judge it yourselves.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

More Deals!

Whats up with stardoll lately?
So Many offers? Free dresses when you buy superstar, Half price superstar, and 25% Extra free sd when you buy more. . .
Makes me wonder, Am I the only one that thinks there losing money :P
There NEVER this nice :L
~Summer ♥

Monday, 27 September 2010

Free Dress/Top.

Click HERE
It should be in a box in your suite (:

Any Hello Kitty Fans?

Thanks too the AMAZING Smw for the link and image. . .
Just click HERE to get these items in your dressing room!
Let me be the first to admit too buying EVERY cuddly toy :L
Best thing is, most items are non-ss ;D
What will you buy?
~Summer ♥

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Soooo Creative of you, Stardoll.

Yeah, really *rolls eyes*
I was in the Starplaza, looking at the Jackets, and I have to say, Stardoll need to be a tad bit more creative. The names of the jackets are: Jacket, Jacket and Jacket 2. *facepalm* Here's an image:

See what I mean? :]

And happy birthday, Lyra. Sorry I forgot.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Happy Birthday Lyra!

A huge thanks to everyone that helped; From everyone who gave me a message too the AMAZING Emily who helped me! ♥
haha, Happy birthday leah leah, I only spent 678976789 hours on this :P
I've been making this since- last month :L
If you wasn't in this, Its cause I didnt have the time, Or didnt give the message in on time, etc.
But add too the messages in the comment section. . .
Lets get loads before this bitch wakes up! ;)
Love you leah!
~Summer ♥

Super Deals!

Today when I logged in this popped up. . .
Tbh I think this is an amazing deal!
I would take it, But im on a plan thingy, So its not me paying the bill :P
Gah, Its times like this i miss pay as you go D:
~Summer ♥

Friday, 24 September 2010

Hotbuy, Wedge Heals are out!

Will you be buying?
~Summer ♥

Kohl's on Sale !

It seems there is another sale; This time in Kohl's!
SS only- Gah, I wanted some of them items! :(
Lets hope a new collection of Kohl's comes!
Or where does it leave us non-ss's?
In my opinion Kohls is my favourite shop . . .Some of the items are a bit :/ But others are amazing for the price! Plus, It is one of the few stores where EVERY item is non ss!
Lets hope it sticks around!
~Summer ♥

Splash on Sale!

Its no shock splash is going,
The summer is over :( The rain help me understand that :T
But, Ever wanted too own a bit of this swimwear and thought, wtf! 14 sd for that!
haha, Well, The prices are halved now, So I suggest you take a look before it goes, And save for next summer ;D
Gah, I wish I was ss :(
Will you be buying?
~Summer ♥

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Front Row;London, Your Views. . .

So what do you think of the new shop floor?
Personally I really dont get why its called Front Row:London,
Im from pretty close too London, and If i was too walk around in half of these items i would be laughed at :)
The clothes are okay (well some of them)
I just hate the way stardoll have styled them . . .
Theres like one outfit for non ss,
I brought some shoes,
How about you guys?
~Summer ♥

More Stardoll Updates.

How great... *sarcasm*
So the first thing I notice is that they have changed the looks of where "Inbox Notification Broadcast" is written when you go to check your mail.
Next things I notice is that the tabs (I think that's what you'd call them) have changed style, and the place on my page where it says your username... Mine (and probably all superstars') isn't gold.
Then I went to Bethan's page and saw this ^
So they changed it in the time it took me to make this post -4-
But then I went back to my page and it was the same as what I first showed you. *confused* Stardoll annoys me.
The last thing I noticed was that there is a Facebook "Like" button, at the bottom of the Starplaza... I thought this site was aimed at nine year-olds?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Free Peace and Love Tee.

Now I really feel like Summer -4-
Please excuse my ugly MeDoll.

So, to get this top, just follow these steps:
-If you are from Russia, Latvia or Estonia, just enter by clicking here and enter the contest by creating a scenery. 
-If you aren't from Russia, Latvia or Estonia, keep reading.
-Go to a Russian proxy. I used: 
-In the blank URL box paste
-Hit the enter/return key on your keyboard
-Log into stardoll
-Now in the proxy's URL box, paste:
-Press enter/return on your keyboard (or click go)
-Wait until the page loads
-Leave the proxy
-Check your suite. The top should be in a gift box from Stardoll Admin.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

HB Sweater is out...

At 16SD.
It's okay, I'm not too fond of it, to be honest.
I HAVE to quote what someone in APG said about this:
"lol it looks like something a noob would make in stardesign on their 3rd day of SS ;P"

Will you be buying?

Stardoll Pals: LAST CHANCE!

So it's your last chance to buy over-priced junk! YAY! 
Now I'll be serious... So I got mail from Stardoll telling me that it's my last chance to get Stardoll Pals.
Here it is:
Will you be running to buy any?
If you are, click here.

Monday, 20 September 2010

New store :)

Heyy, you probably have noticed, but there's a new store in the Starplaza (Front Row)
Did you buy any of their stuff, or are you planning on buying?
Long time no see, haha.

Free Fudge shirt & Frankie Sunglasses

Hey Guys, As you can probably tell, Liv is back :)

So for now, That writers place is filled, We may need more as we get nearer too my final exams so, Stay tuned, Keep commenting, Just stand out in general, I mean we're move likely to pick someone thats constantly commenting, rather than someone whose commented once or twice.
Speaking of exams, Like today I was given some dates and times of a couple of mocks- For an exam i'm not even sitting! Well, I will be, But in like, Juneish/July :L

So Yeah, Towards the end of this month, I have like collage stuff and exams I need too be there for, Like Ive been getting letters from collages. . . Like there far, and my mate that lifes down the road from them hasnt been contacted, So I dont get how that works :L

And I just bored you all with my life story ;L, Sorry about that;

Anyways, Back too the point of the topic. . .
To get the tee above ^
If your from Poland click HERE. . .
Put in the blank box,
Press go, Log into stardoll,
Then change the proxy URL from too
Hit go, Let the page load, Then close that and log into stardoll as normal. . .
Getting the glasses above is alot simpler
Just click HERE

What items will you be getting?

~Summer ♥

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Fudge Side Tie Dress...

I was looking through the new to starplaza section,
and I saw this dress, and fell in love!
It probably came out a day or two ago, 
because my internet was down two nights ago...
But it's amazing. I will definitely be buying!
I forgot to mention - It is 13SD, but worth it, if you ask me :]


I am back, bitches!

You heard me.
Well... Yea :]
Did you miss me?


Friday, 17 September 2010

Hotbuys Pocket Watch is out!

Only 5sd? quite got for a Hotbuy! But like pretty much always, ss only. . .
Will you be buying?
~Summer ♥

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Writers Needed. . .

I know I've been saying this for a LONG time now, But this time we will be picking people.
Im at an time in my life- where school doesn't end at 3 pm any more- From the moment I get in to the moment i go a bed Monday to Friday- I'm working, I get like an hour extra a day, So times tight, The blog is important too me- And I know putting my trust into others hands will be hard, But In a few months I have mocks, which means even more work, So by the time I have them I would like a new team; So basically there's a few requirements;
-You must know how to use proxys,
-How too print screen
-Use proper English - I'm not a huge fan of chav talk.
-Know how to spell- Okay I cant, But Spell checks :D
-Have a blogger , That one speaks for its self.
-Be able too reach me or Lyra, via Msn, ect
-Be an ACTIVE follower!- If not go add some comments somewhere ;)
-Be active on stardoll
-Be keyed up on stardoll news!

We're not bothered about how 'known' you are, If your great mates with us, ect. Its about YOU and your writing skills, This will not be your place too advertise, If you wish to advertise you MUST ask me or lyra first.

If you wish to apply Comment below, With your USERNAME, AGE, And why you think we should pick you.

Good Luck.

~Summer ♥

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Free Boho Deluxe Bag And Adrienne Dress. . .

If you are from the USA just click HERE
If not just go too
And put into the blank box, and press enter,
Log into stardoll. . .
Then change the address in proxy from too
Let the page load, Then close that then log into stardoll as normal.
~Summer ♥

Free Pretty In Pink coat - SS ONLY!

You need to go to a proxy website...Like or
Paste this link into the proxy url:
Log in, and then delete the previous link and paste this one:
After it loads, close the window and it should be in your suite.
But once again, its Superstar only :(

Free Hair Clip. . .

If your From Poland- Click HERE!
If not use a polish proxy like
And Put into the blank box-
Press enter, and log into stardoll as normal
Change the url in the proxy from too
Let the page load, Then close that and log into stardoll as normal
~Summer :] ♥

Free Shawl. . .

If your from Germany just click HERE
If not go too
Put into the blank box-,
Press enter, and log into stardoll
Change the proxy url from too
Let the page load,
Then close that and log into stardoll as normal :]
~Summer ♥

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Stardoll is Updating. . .

And Its driving me M-A-D!
A couple of minutes? try 567876545678. . .
By the looks of it- Its the topics in clubs that are down;
My advise- Chat in the clubs GB Like the twilighters have taken to. . .
Are there any other places you've had this message?
Are you going as crazy as me!?
let us know!
~Summer ♥

HB purse is out !

Its from Rio, and it's only 6sd. Are you gonna buy it?

Monday, 13 September 2010

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Free Halloween Couture Mask. . .

Hey Guys, Firstly I wanna apologise for the lack of posts, Well its been like two days, But I like too post everyday. . .
Stardoll has been kinda boring lately; And now me and lyra are both back in school so its hard. . .
Early morning and me = Epic fail,
And like today; I haven't been able to do anything because of my legs, Its painful to walk atm. . .
So back too the point - I always manage too go of point some how . . .
So, If your not from Poland;
Your gonna need a Polish proxy Personally I used
Put in the blank box, and press enter or click go, whatever floats your boat. . .
Log into stardoll, Then change the link in the proxy too

So Do you think its fair stardoll are giving out yet another rare for free?
There's people that have wasted so much on this mask. . .
Tell us what you think!
Hit the comments section!
~Summer ♥

Thursday, 9 September 2010

New Hotbuy Dress!

I quite like it :3
Shame its superstar only :(
Its priced quite fairly, at 16 stardollars. . .
And from Voile. . .
Will you be buying?
~Summer ♥