Friday, 30 July 2010

Stardoll's Polls

We all know that Stardoll has polls, for example, this one:
Now, all I'm saying is that I just wanted an "I don't care" or an "I don't like them" button to push. I say this purely because: I really don't like them.
Another example is the one about the Stardoll makeover. When that poll was going I really wanted an "I hate it" button.
It's funny how Stardoll never gives us what we want, isn't it?


Hot Buys Bag is out + SS Sale

This one only costs $7, but too bad that it's SS only...

What do you think about it? Did you buy it or no?

And I just realized that we haven't blogged about the 50% SS sale...Well, there it is. ;D

70 Million Members!

Stardoll has reached 70M Members!!

Now bring on the freebies! Lol, I don't think they're out yet, but we'll update when they are. You can't really expect too much, though... I wonder who the 70Millionth member was... :O


I don't really like them, $10 would've been a better gift, lol.
And I noticed the numbers are growing like crazy... 11k members in such a short time. Wow.

Gah! I'm stupid!

Here's the story:
I was scrolling down the page of this blog, and I looked at the (fantastic) pictures Summer did of all the bloggers. Purely out of curiosity, I clicked on my one, and being the clever cookie she is, Summer made it so that it took me to my stardoll page.
Jeez. You could've warned me!


Thursday, 29 July 2010

Free L'Occitane poster!

You can now get a free poster of the new makeup brand!
If you are from Sweden, just log in and you should have it.
If you are not then, go to Paste this into the proxy box: Hit enter and log in. Wait for the page to load, and go back to normal stardoll.


L'OCCITANE Make-up is out!

You may have noticed, you may have not, but new make up is out. It's kinda dissapointing, dont you think? The blush is...weird, it might be easier to use, but it's not OKAY. The eyeshadows are horrible, the colours and everything. The lipsticks are easier to use - but the colors are CRAP! They look pretty, but they're not. And they're pretty expensive.
That was just my opinion, what do you think about it?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Wow, I just noticed and to be honest i'm over the moon!
Thank-you too EVERYONE that has, commented, Followed, or even helped with graphic work!
Also a shout out too Lyn, Who put an ad on her club, and Bethan for her amazing graphic work
I would like too thank my past and current writers!
I would also like too thank-you all on the behalf, of Lyra, Liv and Chloe . . .
This must seem like such a small number too smaller blogs but really is important too me
Thank you
44nicole44 I noticed you where our 30th follower- I love your blog, your really talented. . .(:
Love you all

New Make-Up Brand ?

What do you make of these new spoilers?
New make-up brand?
Lets hope its cheaper than the last one :)

70 million members. . .

where Getting very near too that 70 million members mark;

I took this screen shot a couple of minutes ago- Its clear stardoll is growing at a huge pace!
So think where be getting any nice freebies?
If so what do you want?

Free Chair

If your from Poland click here!
If not use a polish proxy like OR
Paste this into the blank box:
log in when the page loads . . .
Then Remove the 1st link from the proxy and paste this one:
Let the page load,
Then Log into stadoll as normal (:

New Stardoll Pals

Me again. I know. "Oh go away Liv. We. Are. Sick. Of. You." Well... Too bad!
Okay so I just logged back onto stardoll (don't remember why I logged off), and I got doll mail about 6 new Stardoll Pals (AKA the biggest waste of Stardollars). This is what was in the mail:
Now don't get too excited if for some reason you are non-ss with plenty of Stardollars to throw around, as demonstrated below, the new ones are ss only.
And if for some reason you do want to purchase a Stardoll Pal, just click here.



You heard me, all you LUXE lovers out there.
So I was randomly searching Stardoll for something to blog about (as you do) and I came across some new LUXE.
< Now these are the new items Oh, and I thought I'd tell you about my personal favorites of the new range (: So... Left to right, up to down:
Royal Fuchsia Eye Dust - 22SD
Teal Shadows Eye Dust - 22SD
Ocean Flower Glitter Lipstick - 20SD
A picture? Here you go >

Having said all this, I really hate LUXE, and will not be buying any, but I still want to know what you think, so don't forget to leave a comment!


Whats your favourite hairystyle?

Okay, so heres a quick survery :)

Comment below to show your vote

  • The superstar hairystyles

  • The normal, non SS hairystyles

  • The starpoint hairystyles

-Chloe ♥

I'm sorry guys ♥

Hey guys.

I'm sooo sorry, I know i haven't blogged in forever...

But today and tommorow is all I'm gonna have time for to blog...

Because on friday I have to try and publish my book, saturday me and my friends are going on a trip to England for 3 days, its for my birthday lol, then I'm coming back home and havingg my 16th birthday party, so I wont be here to blog...

I'm utterly sorry, and I shall start blogging straight away!


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Seeing double?

Hear we have to necklaces EXACTLY the same. . .
One comes with an Unfair price of 12 sd and is ss
the other is a nicer cost of 3 sd , and non-ss
If you search pink and jewellery you can get it non ss for 3sd
But in the new section its ss and 12sd!
I know which one i'd buy.


Monday, 26 July 2010

Hey guys :) I'm back from france :')

Sorry I haven't been blogging recently...

I've been in frnace for 6 days, the eiffel tower rocks ;)

Snails....not so much ;)

Missed Lyra, Summer , Robyn and Livvy loads :)

Anyways, coz' i havent been here a few days I'm gonna have to catch up on all the new stardoll stuff :)

-Chloeee !

Sunday, 25 July 2010


First: Sorry I haven't blogged in a couple of days. Tbqh I wasn't on too much, because of my birthday party... You know. Running around on the day getting everything you need... *sigh* Anyways...

So... I have noticed that "Splendid" is now in "Starfashion" not "Starbeauty" and I wanna know why! Well... I guess I understand, but why can't Stardoll
fix more important things? Like, it was fine where it was: Why not just leave it? Ah well... Who really cares, tbqh it's just one of those trivial things that no one but me really ever notices/thinks about.


P.S. Summer - Loving the "Liv" thing ;]

Friday, 23 July 2010

I just noticed...

The changed it from "Community" to "Clubs and Friends".
No idea what I'm talking about? No? I thought not...
Well, when Stardoll had the makeover, they made "Community" the place where friends, parties and clubs would be,
But I thing they got the message that people got confused (or confuzzed, as I would put it),
and they changed it to "Clubs and Friends".

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Same...

Well, I was browsing through the Starplaza (Because mum bought me 400SD) and I noticed that there are two SS tops, the same: One for 8SD the other for 7SD. I know, it's not much difference, but sometimes, that 1SD can be the difference between getting the item you want, or not.


Free Cat.

If you are from UK just go to the stardoll cinema.
If not then go to
Hit enter, or click go. Wait til the page loads, and after that close the window and log into SD as usually, and it should be in your suite (:

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Another case of...

Celebrity - Stardoll
Stardoll - Celebrity

Okay, so I just noticed this (and although the dress is no longer available in the Starplaza, I wanna share...) So one of my favorite Stardoll dresses, was inspired by one of my favorite celebrities:
Sandra Bullock.

As I said: This is no longer available in the Starplaza, but I'm sure it would be in the Starbazaar, or you could find it by looking through SS users' personal Starbazaars.

More posts coming soon...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Vintage . . .

The Vintage look is in this summer!
And you can keep in style with stardoll!
Take a plane dress- and spice things up a lil,
This dress was 13 sd from Bisou. . .
I really wasnt a fan of the sleeves, so i added a jacket, 8 sd from Decades
Now for extras, Now the shoes really spice things up! And at only 3 sd from Voile
Then we have the bag- Which I LOVE! 5 sd from Decades!
And Of course we needed the glasses! only 2 sd! Bargain!
Then we have the hair- Haha, Well blue wouldn't tie in with this;
The colour was called desk brown- Suits me ;)
That ladies and gents, is how its done ;)

New Store. . .

So These Pictures of the new store Killah Where in the spoilers today
Thanks too Stardoll's most wanted for the pics
So, What do you think of the store?
~Summer ♥

Monday, 19 July 2010

Have you adopted one?

This month's endangered Animal is the Red Panda.
They sure are cute. I saw some when I went to the zoo, for science.
So, back to my question: Have you adopted one yet?

So. If, for some weird reason you HAVEN'T yet adopted one, just click HERE


P.S. I would put an image... But when it doesn't load, and it's been 5 minutes, It's hard to think it will work at all, so I'm sorry.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

I'm Home :)

And I bet no one even noticed ;)
Haha- Well before I start too bore you with my story's I wanna Say A big thanks too Lyra, Liv, Chloe and Robyn for looking after the blog- You guys did a great job!

Family's important too me- Mine live basically all over the world- Some times I just have too get up and go. . .
I went too Scotland on Friday morning round about 5 am haha. . .
I love it there- Mainly the scene of family- I dont get that alot. . .
It amazes me how animals are just free. . .
We where going down this old road- I where nearly falling asleep
( I had been awake 20 something hours!- with like 5 hours sleep- Not good!)
And this sheep just walks out in front of us like it was the most normal thing in the world! I where like OMFG haha
Soo yeah :) haha

So any skins fans? Even though its aimed at older people?
Well I were at the air port,, we where sitting outside,
I where sitting on the floor -as you do,, Putting me head phones away. . .
And these Girls walked past like ':O OMFG ITS HIM!!!!!!! :O GET
And there was this like wall thing beween us. . .
So when we got up, I sorta looked round
And just saw hes mate- I where like wth- Why are they so fussed about this dude?
So Im on the plane,, getting off it. . .
I look round and see him right behind me!
This is him ^.& I didnt even bother too type hes name LMAO
isn't he pretty :3
I mean- wth was he doing in Scotland? Especially my part- Its like the smallest airport in the world- By my say so anyway. . .
haha- I would post something sd related- But i honestly have no idea what's going on in the world of sd- guess I better go find out.
See yaa.

Please Explain...

Can someone please explain to me why there is a transparent top available in the Starplaza...
Here's a picture:
Now, the top in this picture is not my only concern, look at the mannequin.
Is this sort of thing suitable for young girls, because let's face it: Even though the people writing the blog are 12 - 15 years old, the site is aimed to around 8 year olds (and sometimes younger).
So... It's either:
Stardoll couldn't care less anymore,
or they have caught on that most of the members are around the teen ages, and they are trying to appeal to our tastes (and btw I don't like this. I think it's wrong.)


Free Monster High Blazer

Now this is kind of old, but you can still get it...

Go on

Hit enter, log in, and then wait for the page to load. After it does, log out and go back to the normal SD.

P.s. You might have noticed that in my latest post I havent been uploading pics, it's because I dont know why, but my computer won't let me do that... :/

Time for more makeup !

Latley I have realised that they don't update the makeup enough on stardoll.

It's time they updated new makeup for cheaper.

Survey ;)

which are your favourite brands from stardoll?

  • Miss sixty.
  • Antidote
  • PPQ
  • Pretty in pink
  • Fudge
  • Folk
  • Rio
  • Splash

Comment below and place your vote!

Obsessive Country Disorder

At the moment, it seems like Stardoll has OCD: Obsessive Country Disorder. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the world, but there's the whole 'I love France' scheme. Then there's the Archive America obsession. Then Evil Panda has the UK flag shirt... It's borderline crazy. Or is it just me?

Saturday, 17 July 2010

What do you think about the new layout NOW?

We all hated the new layout in the beginning, but what do you think about it now? Are your opinions still the same? Or did they change? I think that we're all starting to get used to it...
I've started to like the suite(presentation)&starplaza, and the clubs are starting to grow on me...
I even used some of the smileys!! Lol. But one thing that I still hate about the clubs, is the size of...the whole thing. It's not 'full screen' more like 3/4 of the screen :( I still haven't gotten used to the messages, GB entries, and the fact that it only shows the last 3-4 visitors... :( I kind of like the chat too, it's better than the other chat anyways...

So..yeah, leave your opinions below. (:

The number of pages...

I know. I'm very late, but I only did this yesterday because I haven't had any money, but when I was looking for something in the Starplaza, I searched the color. It used to be up to 15 pages per search, but now, its... Well see for yourself. This is the page numbers from when I searched all black items:
So if I searched the same thing before the makeover, it would have come up with 15 pages, but NOW it comes up with 85. I'm pretty sure black has the most items so that's as high as it goes...


Free Cat or Dog

Go to
Type into the search bar
Hit go then when the page loads log in
Pick either a cat OR dog (you cannot get both with t
Log out and log into Stardoll normally
The cat/dog should be in your suite.

IF you want both, I'd buy the dog (from the link I just gave you)
Go to:,26519
he cat and dog will appear in your cart. The cat says 0SD and the dog says 12SD


Okay, so basically after a 100 starpoints you get star rewards.
Sometimes it's great, but sometimes its a little.....disapointing?

Anyway, I was doing some reasearch and came across these starpoint hairstyles.
Some are amazing and others aren't even worth the time.

So I was thinking if we asked stardoll 'nicely' enough maybe they would consider getting rid of the horrible ones and making time for the great ones.

Notee: These pictures are NOT the ones I dislike, they are just for show.


So I was thinking the past few days (Mostly because my computer crashed on me) about having one particular role model for stardoll?

I suppose, if we emailed stardoll enough we could actually have one.

When I say 'role model' I'm talking about one famous person who advertises Stardoll.
I think we are worth it...
and stardoll is a million dollar company, those money grabbing bi- never mind ;)

So here are some people who might be interesting ^^
-Chloe :)

Non-SS vs. SS

Okay, so I was browsing the shop (even though I have no money) and I came across this gorgeous Versace Inspired Mini Dress. It's on the left below, as you can see, and it's almost exactly the same colour as Basics turquoise line. So here I have a comparison, price difference: sixteen for SS, twelve for non-SS!

I also found these two full outfits, complete with checked shirts. Here are the pictures for them...

As you can see, non-SS on the left and SS on the right. The SS costs four stardollars more.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Free Cushions, Blazer and Cloud Tee

Go to: Press the close button on the advertisement. Copy and paste this into the URL box:
Hit the 'Click Here to Start Browsing' button. Log into Stardoll on the page it takes you too. Wait a few seconds for the page to load, but the video will not. Don't worry, just close the window/tab and log onto Stardoll normally, go to your suite and they should be there. (I'm not sure you might get something different depending on where you live)

Get that celebrity look on Stardoll

I have one example of a celebrity outfit you can create yourself. It's not exactly the same, because the clothes are not modeled off this celebrity, but it gives the same sort of general effect.
This particular one is cheap, easy, and the biggest surprise: Non-SS can have it!

So get making your own celebrity inspired outfit. All you need to do is find an image on google images or yahoo! images etc. then go to search in the Starplaza, look for the color and clothing type you want, and there you go! Your own celebrity outfit!


Free swimsuit and Poster (:

Go to

Paste this link: Hit enter.

Log in, and then delete that^ link from the browser in the proxy and paste this: wait till the page loads then just log into SD as usually. (:

Btw...there are some ads that just pop out...just close them and continue. And there might be viruses so make sure your antivirus works...?

50% off - Suite Shop Sale

I think you all have noticed already - sorry for taking so long - there's a sale in the suite shop.
And yup, as always, SD is being unfair, because it's SS only D:

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Third attempt at posting and SWIMWEAR!

I officially hate Blogger, it has deleted the posts like... Three times. So, I have a few non-SS swimwear looks, as Splash is totally anti-non-SS atm. Basically, the items on the right of my doll are Rio, on the left is Folk and actually ON my doll is Bisou.
So, here is la pic... My doll looks bad without make-up...

So, all these items can be bought using a Play and Earn, the most expensive being the tight cropped top thing. I like them all, even though apparently non-SS aren't allowed matching swimwear. Hope you enjoy, and I'll post more stuff soon.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Have You Noticed...

So I was wondering if it's just me, but since the makeover and the new Starplaza, the 'popular' items are like all SS, and before the makeover, almost none of them were.

I am just wondering if Stardoll changed it, or if there are suddenly a lot more SS.

My guess is on the first one. Tell me what you think.


Free I Love France Tee!

I'd hurry over too the starplaza now, as this is probably a glitch . . .
Theres also some over I love France items
Including the bag- which I quite like
~Summer ♥

Monday, 12 July 2010

I guess I'm supposed to actually post.
Anyway, don't got much to say.
Apart from: the new smilies.
I'd do a screenshot here but I cba at twenty to nine at night.
I'm tired.
Anyway, the new smilies are sort of growing on me, tbh.
Especially the 'blush' and 'sweat' ones.

Btw, if Summer, Lyra, Liv and Chloe want one of those 'post by' things, I can make you one.

Having a hard time with the new layout?

Maybe its just me being generally thick ;)
But I never noticed this page. . .
It has Places too send feedback, and some vids
A bit late Stardoll- But hey that's becoming a normal thing for them
Anyway click HERE too access the page

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Reality .... Virtual

In some of the sales you may see dresses, t-shirts, swimwear and other outfits that look familiar. Thats because some of the clothes on stardoll have been inspired from real life, heres a picture of Rihanna in a red carpet dress to give you an example.

-Chloe the forever :)

Hidden Dolls

I don't know if people know about them or not, but I didn't.
I'm not sure if they all work, I am sure about the first two, but the laptop is running too slow for me to possibly be bothered atm.

Alice in Wonderland:

Moxie dolls:

Flower Fairy:

Black Star:



Body by Milk:


Free Cup


In the blank box paste this:

Log in and wait for the page load.

Now erase the previous address from the proxy and paste in this one:

Hit Go and wait until the page loads then go back to real Stardoll and it should be in your suite.

More Album Choice

Now that the stardoll makeover has took place, I have found out that your album can have more style hand writing choice, and also there are more cover choices.

Enjoy (:
-Chloe the Forever ;)

Changes - Music

What kind of music should we put?
Hip Hop
I really dont care
Anything popular free polls

Vote below, and then if you want you can comment requesting a particular song (or more than one)


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Disappointing tbh

Am I the only one who got excited when I saw six shops under 'Starbeauty' in the Starplaza?
I honestly thought there would be new stuff, and I was thoroughly disappointed when I realized that it was just the same stuff split into more stores.

Oh and this is my first post-thinggy (YAY). I would have said so sooner, but I didn't want to blog until I had something so blog about :)


Chloe's Happy ;D

I'm really excited for this thing ;D
I miss Bethan, but at least she'll be using the graphic work :D
Can't wait...
Hopefully it will be bigger and better :)
Loves Robyn, Liv and Summer :)

- Chloe :)

First post because I'm awesome...

It has to be huge writing. And it has to be purple. Eh oh, it's Robyn! I get to write for this thing now. ;]
It is now green... Anyway, I'm excited... But I don't know what to write. I guess, first off, hellooooooo! It's robynn to the rocks. I'm bored senseless ans tired and have only just realised...
BLUE! I gave Summer my email... She could do anything with it. o.O

New Start. . .

Hey Guys,
Its a completely new start for us. . .
Sadly Bethan Left stardoll. . .So Isnt writing for us anymore. . .But Wants too still help with graphics :)
I have no idea whats Lyra's doing. . .Its up too her if she still wants too write. . .
So Some friends are gonna help me run the blog for a bit . . .
and Robyn :)
So yeah, Its like too hot for me too bother today,
But maybe tomorrow, This blog will be changing
New writers
New Music
New Banners. . .
Any suggestions comment below
-Summer ♥

The New Layout. . .

So like EVERY blog I know off is complaining about this new layout -.-
Yeah I didnt like it a first. . .Clubs Suck btw. . .But its kinda growing on me. . .
Anyway I wanted too hear you views;

"It takes a while to get used to, but it's actually quite cool.
All except the fact that Fred and all the other emotions are gone." :[
~ Raphs (

'I was so excited when I saw that the new stardoll had shown its self, so I tried logging in.
But everytime I tried to log in, it wouldn't accept it.
So THEN i did it again and it showed that half of my password wasn't even on there because the password log thingy would only take so many letters.
Then I though "WTF!" but then I got this account and emailed to stardoll...
and guess what the staff wont reply or do anything about it.'
-Chloe ( ) (Chloe has got her account back now)

'Its Harder To Navigate;
And It Took Me Like 2 Hours To Find The LogOut Button;
And Everything Is Way Harder Than Before; Naigation Wise'

Its cool but takes a while to get used to.
I am just grateful that Stardoll is still here :]
~Shauna☮ (
No one has really bothered too look at the good points
For a start the redesign brought a few freebies too the starplaza!
Shockingly im actually getting some messages on chat!
And on the whole i think the site just looks better
Its just one of them things you have too get used too
-Summer ♥

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Want cheaper non SS Summer wear?

Then look here ;)
I noticed that these two items with a price diff off 15 sd are very similar
Great for that ss look with out being a ss!
The first ones are from Splash the other priced swim wear one
and the second from RIO, which is basically as old as me ;)
-Summer ♥

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Free Dress :)

If your in the UK Click HERE! too get it
If not go too
and in the blank box copy and paste this:
Log in too Stardoll...
Let it load- Then close the window!
-Summer ♥


Firstly- Im home ;D
Im a little shocked no one blogged while i was away- Alot has
been going on!
So I JUST noticed this:
The curtain is opening- More than earlier!
Soo When do you think we'll get the new layout?
-Summer ♥