Monday, 7 March 2011

Unofficial Magazines first birthday!

I didn’t actually think when I first started this, that a year on I would be sat here still posting,
But blog has become a real passion of mine, and its something I want to keep doing,
I am disappointed that in my self that all the original graphics from the blog were destroyed along with my old laptop; but I did find this, which was one of our first adds;

Laughing aside, Its we’ve come a long way since then. I dress better. Alot better. And a lot more people have been dragged in this with us. I just want to thank my original team, Bethan and Leah Leah, I love you girls so fucking much. And in my heart we’re always sisters ♥

I also want to thank, everyone that made this possible, Their are so many, I know I’m going to forget some, So here’s too; Robyn And your weeks work;] ,Chloeforever0 who I will always miss-Such a great girl, All my TC girls – You all deserve a pat on the back for putting up with me, And of course all of my lovely followers and readers, without you guys, I would have given up by now.

And of course I’m not forgetting my amazing current writers;

The amazing, sweetie-lyra, Shmiv97,Yasmineys98 & kelly10kool

You guys make this possible every day, and for that I am thankful. Go send these guys some love!

Watch this space for new segments and comps this year!

What was you’re favourite post of last year?

~Summer ♥


  1. There are too many posts to pick from.
    Summer, I don't love you enough to go back and decide on my favorite.
    Sorry xD

  2. o: No! Please Summer! :'( Don't do this!

  3. I gave you love, What did i get back? Ten years of your snoring! I havent had a good nights sleep in years. Pack your thinks, K.

  4. NO! I'm not going D: DON'T DO THIS! We can fix things! I promise!

  5. >.> you guys are poopies.
    what is this some sort of break up scene? >_>

  6. I'm so confused! :]
    But.. I can barely remember all of the posts to choose one.

  7. Yasmine, The blog is a year old,
    It's hardly rocket science, Ilysm ♥

  8. Look at my doll!

    omg LOL'ing!

    What WAS my life? :')

  9. Mine is FAR FAR worse, I look pink!