Saturday, 4 June 2011


Hi! I wish I had more news so that I could see this blog really active again.
But.. I suppose this will do. (:


The gift-o-meter is for a Summer blowout Stardoll is having.

-Since there's that new money change. There's a seperate bar and gifts for Superstars.
-Superstars have to spend 350 SDs to complete theirs, and non-SSs have to spend 1000 Starcoins.
-What you buy from the Starbazaar doesn't count towards the meter.

I don't really like the non-SS things but..
the gift-o-meter is still a fun thing to do. :D



  1. Thank you for posting Yasmine!
    I've been trying to post about Summer Blowout for a while now,
    My blogger wont let me post anything!

  2. My laptop doesn't let me post on blogger.
    I wonder if something is wrong with blogger or if it's something with the computer. :|

    I'm going to still keep checking Stardoll for any news to post here. {:

  3. It's an issue with windows IE,
    I downloaded a new IE to post,
    Firefox and google are good :] ♥