Tuesday, 18 May 2010

More Changes!

Now they're just getting greedy!

Great News- No more you go frist and risk taking . You can now charge up too 500 SD for your unwanted items- But tbh with a greedy 10% Commission rate they’re just (Ignore my language) Taking the piss!

Now the people of stardoll Will want more money for the items- Resulting in unaffordable prices- Resulting in kids needing more star dollars- Making stardoll more money- Ok its a business and all- BUT this is real life money- and if they’re gonna change more tbh they should get some better staff.

Yeah I love sd- But the staff never seem too help me- I'm sure many of my friends in the twilight club (Shout out too Dee Dee and Emily ♥) Will agree with me on this matter-I have hate accounts that are still there- For crying out loud how hard is it too delete an account- They seem too mistakenly do this all the time as it is! So my point for going on and bloody on is- If they use the money well and actually stop the haters and pedo's then maybe I’m with them...



  1. Tbh Summer They Delete peoples accounts
    who have done nothing but not the crazy,
    pedo ones? what the heck?
    _ Autumn

  2. I feel so loved that you made a shout out to me!(and Emily)♥

    Oh and what Autumn said XD