Monday, 17 May 2010

Meet The Team...

Heyy Guys, So We've been blogging ALOT- So its about time you got too know us...And today we have a new member of the Team Lyra! A.k.a Sweetie-Lyra


Summer (me xD)-So I have been blogging Since I set this blog up- I have like no idea when that was- If your really smart you might be able too let me know or something

Bethan- Meh, I do this when I'm bored :L JK haha I havent been blogging recently D: I promise to do it more though hehe.

Lyra- Er...I just joined the team, woohoo, lol. I will start blogging soon ...So...I like your beard ;) Lmao.


S- Here's my chance too Complain ::L....Haha- This is on of the main reasons I set up the blog- Too Help Non-Superstar's....At the end of the day real life has too come frist too me- Its my brithday in 10 days *Cough Cough* too All them Superstars who I have helpped who want too buy me a gift :L

B- I'm a ss ^.^ Its quite good tbh. Don't worry Summer, when you become one again, it will be fine!! You suite and clothes arent that bad anyway!!!

L- I'm a ss. ;) And....

How Long Have You Been On Stardoll?

S- Two Years Today!...And been an ss twice- Thats gotta be a record!?

B- Umm not even a year yet -.- Nearly 7 months though ^.^

L- On the account that I use now(sweetie-lyra) from June 2008(I think)...But I've had other accounts before that.

Last Words;

S-Welcome too the Team Lyra Love you ♥

B-Haha Good luck Lyra!! Love you two!! Sisters :3

L- Thanks for warm-welcoming me, lol. Love you both. :D

So there you have it! Our frist meet the team! :')
Maybe there will be a next time..
What too ask us somthing?
Comment xD

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