Monday, 14 June 2010

Stardoll Pals!

Is it just me our have stardoll gone update crazy lately? Too keep up too date you have too be some sort off millionaire atm
So theres a new feature too stardoll- Stardoll pals.
A great thing about 'Stardoll Pal's' is that not all of them are ss!
But with a price of 70sd! Not many non ss have that!
Too buy a Stardoll pal click HERE
Or too buy some outfits for them in the mini shop click HERE
personally I wont be buying one so I can't tell you much about them- But if you do own one and would like too write a review and be featured in the blog- Comment below.
-Summer ♥


  1. I didn't buy it (Probbobly will when I have the money) But am I the only person who realized that them selling the outfits means you can get A outfit now for only 20$? Won't be able to customize it very well, But you'll get an outfit.

  2. its a waste of money!
    i didnt buy one obviously, but stardoll could've done something more exciting -.-"
    ~S :)