Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Stardoll Shopping Special!

Okay..So first off we have two new floors off Splash swimwear or as i like too call it- 'Usless over priced swimwear' :)
I tried a set off swim wear on- i had too say i liked it- But it was Not worth 24 sd

Next up we have a new store! 'Stylein' If I'm honest I'm gutted there's only two floors- Will you be buying anything from this store?

And lastly in our shopping special- I noticed the new world cup items- When i saw them at first I thought they where more expedience then the last lot- Then i looked at the USA and England prices- The dress is now 7Sd- Is it just me being thick or was it 5 sd last week?
Anyway...Here are the new items...


  1. It was five SD last week for England and America.
    I remember.

  2. @Robynnrocks
    Yeah- I though that...Now if you look there 7 sd- Rip off!