Friday, 15 October 2010


Hey Guys, So you may have noticed I changed the banner,
I felt Liv should be included in the banner- I Just never got round to it, and this is like going too be my only free time this weekend so, why not :D
I also made new sidebar links to our dollys. . .
The other ones were kinda old, + Liv is now included, I had one for liv originally then being me, Forgot, :L
So yeah, What do you think of the new banner?
Also, Music suggestions would be nice, Music needs updating,
Im liking 'Only Girl in the world' Atm, How about you guys?
~Summer ♥


  1. All I can say, is that the banner gave me a fright.

  2. I DOOOOOOOOO! I DO I DO ! hehe xD

  3. Yes. It gave me a fright as in I wasn't expecting it to have changed :)

  4. Oh, that yes is "Yes I do like it :)"

  5. Hi please can I be a part fo the team? I would love to do it.... :D

  6. Ahh, That good liveyy you had me worried :L