Wednesday, 15 December 2010

StarBazaar open for all?

Stardoll posted on the blog today ; 'We’re happy to announce that StarBazaar – Stardoll’s Vintage Marketplace – is now open to everyone, not just Superstars

Who can BUY in StarBazaar?

  • Superstars (just like before)
  • Non Superstars (if you have over 500 StarPoints and have verified your email address with us)

Who can SELL in StarBazaar?

Selling your self-designed items in StarBazaar is still a Superstar-only feature, but if you feel there’s an inner Stella McCartney in you, just upgrade to a Superstar membership and start selling your own beautiful creations to the world!'

Well, Thats hardly everyone but, I think its a good step for sd tbh, Just think about it, Your a non-ss and really want that new hotbuy, Wait a month, and it will be for sale and your able to buy!

The only down side, Is your only allowed to sell 10 items a day, This could be trouble for designers,

What do you think about stardolls latest move?

~Summer ♥

1 comment:

  1. Thats EPIC!!!! I can't wait to buy stuff!!!

    thing is, theres so much to buy this holiday season! sales, new clothes etc, i only have so many sd!!!

    - SuesenE.Swan