Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Suicide Awareness

It’s hard to come across a totally selfless person n the world of stardoll. Some whose soul intention is help others, but I did and from that point onwards I was inspired. Its amazing what the work of just one committed person can do, I for one am touched by the work and effort put in by the owner of TheRealSA. So touched that I had to get involved some how. I mailed Mackenzie who so kindly agreed to do an interview with us. So without any more delay here it is:

Q: How have you achieved so much?

A: Well, I'll be honest, Stardollars help! I'm lucky that I'm quite good at saving rather than just spending them as I go, so in a few months we built up quite a fund. So, in the original account (SucideAwareness) is was all down to broadcasting. I remember when this account only had 8 or 9 friends, and then it seemed suddenly very popular! But when Stardoll asked us to change our name to TheRealSA it did through us of course, but we have some pretty loyal followers who have helped throughout the years.

Q: What inspired you to hit the stardoll world on your mission to spread the awareness?

A: Growing up I suffered with a number of issues due to being a carer for my Mum, who then when she got betterstarted to abuse me, and I always felt like there was no one else in my same position. But then when I started to look into clubs like APG I saw there were girls who did also self harm, suffer from abuse and all sorts of other things to. But at that time I didn't think there was much point in me trying to do anything as I felt like one person couldn't make a difference, but when my boyfriend committed Suicide nearly two years ago now I knew I had to something, and that everyone should understand what bullying does to a person.

Q:How much of your own time/money have you spent trying to achieve this?

A: Ah! I don't want to know... Way too much! I think I worked out that this account has spent more than 10,000 Stardollars on broadcasting alone, never mind all the Rare sales ect... So the answer is too much!

Q:What advise would you give to someone who is being bullied? A: Tell someone! It doesn't even have to be an adult, you just need to be able to let out your feelings. I'm a bit of a hypocrite saying that as I never told anyone when I got bullied, but I know what that does to a person's confidence. If you really feel like there is no one in the 'real world' to talk to I am always happy to let anyone talk about how their feeling and I do understand how it feels to be bullied

Q:What can our readers do to support this cause?

A: We have our club WeSupportSA which is where most of our information comes out, or for more detailed news our blog is You can also add this account as a friend, and we have new ways to support all the time so either mail me or ask my in my guestbook if there is anything open at the minute!

Q:Is there any final advice/information you would like to share?

A:Just don't feel alone, because you're not :)

I hope after that at least a few of you feel less alone, because Mackenzie is right- You never are. While there’s the support of TheRealSA, There are so many people in clubs you can talk to and I promise you can always talk to me if you feel down.

If you want to get involved with TheRealSA;

Click here to visit her.

Click here to join the club.

And Click here to follow her blog.

Together we can make a difference.

~Summer ♥

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