Thursday, 23 September 2010

More Stardoll Updates.

How great... *sarcasm*
So the first thing I notice is that they have changed the looks of where "Inbox Notification Broadcast" is written when you go to check your mail.
Next things I notice is that the tabs (I think that's what you'd call them) have changed style, and the place on my page where it says your username... Mine (and probably all superstars') isn't gold.
Then I went to Bethan's page and saw this ^
So they changed it in the time it took me to make this post -4-
But then I went back to my page and it was the same as what I first showed you. *confused* Stardoll annoys me.
The last thing I noticed was that there is a Facebook "Like" button, at the bottom of the Starplaza... I thought this site was aimed at nine year-olds?


  1. It ish aimed for 12 year olds...o.e
    I'm kinda old to be on it.
    But I love it xD
    I met a 26 year old on stardoll o.o

  2. -.- Yeah. Why stop at twelve.
    I'll be on forever.
    I'm not stopping until I have 4000+ SP.