Monday, 12 September 2011

Kiss With A Fist Fashion ~ PPQ

Personally, I am a very big fan of PPQ and so of course it was so hard to have to chose my favourites from this one. And with the Autumn/Winter collection being just so incredible I decided instead to just pick some of my personal favs and let you choose, rather than doing a whole outfit for each. Because I'd be here forever.
Compared to the last seasons bright colours PPQ seem to have reverted back to black and man is it working. Instead of the original black and gold they've added the most beautiful of plums colours along with dark and light grey.

Sequin Slash Minidress ~ $28  &  Sequin Snake Wrap Top ~ $24
I adore both of these items and have paired them together because of their similair colours and the added extra layer of the Wrap Top gives the simple patterned dress an extra edgy look. The dress goes great on it's own along with the Wrap Top paired up with a simple pair of jeans/trousers because of it's bold look. The price of the two comes to $52 but with the mix and match effect both items give it definately makes it worthwhile compared to more expensive items that don't go with anything.

Tulle Arm Ruffle Dress ~ $26
I am in love with the dress, the ruffle detailing and soft shoulder cut gives your doll an extremely slender look along with the extra added ruffle making it stand out. The little black dress just took on a whole new meaning.

Amethyst Puddle Dress ~ $24
Again the little black dress is apparently in this season and PPQ is taking it to so many new heights. And the Purple Puddle Dress beats them all! With the different shades of purple, asymetric stlye and long sleeves make it incredibly slimming and more than easy on the eyes.

All dresses were paired with either the Tulle Ruffle Heels or similair Grey Tulle Ruffle Heels, both from PPQ and both $20. Although with such standout items I sure we could forgive you if you went barefoot.
What's your favourite little black/grey dress ?

~ Shannon O.O

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