Friday, 16 September 2011

Kiss With A Fist Fashion ~ Other World Ancient

I personally am a HUGE fan of Other World, as you can probably tell by my extensive collection of their items, and I am incredibly glad they have released something new that really is other worldly.
This time it's ancient however and it looks as though they've gone for an ancient Egyptian look for their first release, although I'm guessing there will be more for each one. I'm hoping for Rome.

Effervescent Chiffon Skirt ~ $12
I adore this incredibly floaty, feminie skirt with the golden tones making it extremely regal and look much more expensive than it actually is. I paire it up with Tingeling's Sculptural Corset Top for just 99 Starcoins and Stardoll's Graphit Platforms for 76 Starcoins. The total look costs only $12 and 175 Starcoins, making it a complete and utter steal.

Mesopotamian Carved Pants ~ $8
Love these tights/pants with their grpahic tribal print and simple sheer black undercoating it makes them the centre of any outfit, you could probably get away with wearing just them! I paired them with Other World Ancients very own Bamboo Woven Bustier for $8 and Other World Ancients Effervescent Chiffon Blouse for $10, topping off the outfit with Windows On The Worlds Shoes Inspired By Carin Wester for only 50 Starcoins. Giving the ultimate chic tribal look, the hot on trend for this Autumn. The total look costing $26 and 50 Starcoins.

I have always loved Other World and cannot wait for the rest of this new collection. What about you ?
What ancient do you hope they'll do ?

~ Shannon O.O

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