Friday, 9 September 2011

Kiss With A Fist Fashion ~ MSW Store and Polished

Stardoll is really going crazy with this years MSW promoting it every which way they can, starting off with two brand new stores centered on the highlight event of the entire year.

Some of the items {although extremely overpriced along with everything else lately in Stardoll} are actually quite nice, even if they are just there for money.

MSW Store

Blueberry Layer Minidress ~ 120 Starcoins
I actually think this dress is pretty cool compared to some of the other designs SD has come up with lately. The camo style is so on trend and the deep purple and splashes of pink make it so feminine at the same time as being almost rebelish. You can dress it up, down, girly or rock. Your choice. Of course my own is rock =]
I paired the dress with the Fallen Angel Stargate Blazer {and if you brought it from one of my older suggestions you can easily re-use and re-style your Doll} for $13 and the Windows Of The World Black Ballet Platforms at 80 Starcoins, giving an overall simple yet incredibly chic MSW look.
The total look comes to 200 Starcoins and $13.

Dotted Petticoat Dress ~ $16
I really quite like the element of old style clothing that Stardoll has added into this item with the dotted red and white pattern. However you may need to wear a bra underneath or slim fit shirt as the V is very deep. I went for a slightly different option.
Matching with MSW's own Minorca Swimsuit for $12 the colours go great with the underlying swimsuit adding a splash of colour underneath the plain pattern. I also added MSW's Gemstone White Booties for $10 creating a flirty and playful look for $38.

MSW Polished

Shooting Stars ~ $17
With the nail polish itself being the main background for all MSW page's it means your Doll's nails can now match MSW itself. I quite like the deep purple with lighter fading at the top and would suggest it for longer nails to get the full effect of the detailing.

Glitter Sky ~ $20
Definately a little steep for some nail polish BUT the varnish itself actually has glittering graphics, so is it worth the extra Stardollors for some moving nails ? I think so, but what about you ?

And while we're on the topic of MSW {which everyone is lately} the runout time for MSW pass ends this Sunday so hurry up and get your own if you want those extra gifts as well as starcoins, which has never been given before. Could come in very handy.

Enjoy. What are your own favourites from the new MSW line ?

Shannon O.O

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