Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kiss With A Fist Fashion ~ MSW Doree

It seems Stardoll really is going out of there way this year to make sure you spend as much as possible on MSW and trying to win the contest which is far too unlikely compared to the amount of people on Stardoll itself.

Are they really to die for? No, to be quite honest I don't particularly like them all that much, there are a few that are fairly nice but most are just the same colours as always but with the brand of MSW on the bottle.
Here are some of my pics that are okay, but not exactly inspiring or anything.

Sweet Purple ~ $6
I'll admit, I do quite like this colour but being that there are already purple's out in Doree, this one just doesn't stand out as much as it should do considering it's MSW.

Late Summer Gold Haircolour ~ $6
Quite sweet and very summery along with that whole kind of innocent girly look if that's what you like. However I wouldn't suggest it if your Doll's skin is anything other than pale because it would definately clash because of the light, simple tones of the dye.

What do you think of Stardoll's over sell of MSW by not only bringing out a store but also a Doree and Polished. I reckon there'll be a Decor next or a Splendid, they are truly comitted to getting as much money as possible out of this.

Do you agree ?

~ Shannon O.O

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