Wednesday, 25 August 2010

All Today's News. . . .

First up; The September Hot buys have been released.For More info on the dates and stuff click HERE
Gah, I really really want that necklace, I probably wont be an super
star when it comes out :(
Next we have some spoilers for Dot;

Thanks too SMW for the pictures :D

There have been some updates in the Sunny Bunny Store and MSW store;

You can now get some NEW free camp rock items- Just click HERE too get them in your dressing room.
Also today I noticed this Jazz collection ad- Looks interesting;

That was a really long post^
One last Bit off news- Which has put me in a GOOD MOOD :D
We hit 40 Followers!
Which is amazing, Atm posts are hard for us, We have lost writers, Chloe has collage coming up, And Lyra is grounded- So sneaks on sometimes :P And as for Bethan (Some of you might have noticed the link too her page) She is back as our graphic designer for now, and it welcome too post at any time, Thank-you all guys it means the world- I mean, we where the girls that where dancing at 1o followers (Where kinda crazy. . . .) Now times that by 4, Wow.
For us its amazing, So help us help you; Suggestions for music will be welcomed; I wanna update that :P
Also, Im kinda looking for new writers, Atm, We cant really cope, Due too some personal issues lately, also this weekend- From like friday, Too idk when, Im away- I havent seen my dad in like 8 months, So yeah. . .So any views of the above topics^ or song suggestions, Or even if you wanna write for us. . .
Hit the comment section,
~Summer ♥


  1. I will write for you Summer :]

    Chyeah ;]

  2. Imma Intrestided In Writing! Btw, Its Lucy.
    Pleash Summerish!
    XxX Lucy XxX

  3. Oooo me
    I would LOVE to write for this magazine its the best can I?