Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Kiss With a Fist Fashion ~ Opulance Decor

The new Decor store Opulance is all about upper class and sophistication. With only a few key items being Superstar it means that everyone can have a shot at getting glamour in their Suite's without having to pay too much.

Here are some of my choices as to what I think IS Opulence.

Sardinia Sea Sofa ~ $23
I adore this chic blue sofa and the patterned detail on the cushioning means it can go with almost any style of room you have and fit in perfectly to add that bit of elegance.

Dusk Painted Vases ~ 85 Starcoins
I think the vases they have in this new collection are completely stunning and my favourite is the light cream and blue painted ones. The colours seperately are beautiful but together they look perfect to add a bit of glamour to any room.

Check the whole collection out and see which items you prefer. And the interior itself costs $30 which means if you get it you can use older, plainer furniture and decor with the detailed background on the interior providing all the sparkle and glitz you need.

~ Shannon O.O

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