Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kiss With a Fist Fashion ~ That Perfect MSW Look

Miss Stardoll World has begun and that means all kinds of crazy new Dolls and outfits. Make sure yours looks ready to win with these style tips and hints on what you could wear.

The Mortal Kiss Ballgown ~ $30 / $18
It certainly stands out with it's shiny pale purple texture and screams upperclass but at $30 it's a little steep. However there is a trick to get it for just $18. A glitch in Stardoll shows the same dress three times. Twice at $18 and once at $30.

All you have to do is search dresses and it's the first page. On the next page you'll find the same dress for $30, but hurry because they're bound to fix it soon.


Try pairing the dress with Other Worlds Waist White Rose for $5, Other Worlds Grey Sky Bodysuit for just $6, Other Worlds Silver Wings for $8 and Sea Of Stars Quartz Ablaze Shoes for just $5 creating an etheral MSW fairy look. Pair it with light make-up and pale skin and you could be a walking winner. All for just $42, including that $30 glitch dress.

For those non superstars and those not wanting to spend all that much you can also create a cheap and similarly effective look that will help people vote for you.

Pretty In Love Deep V Maxidress ~ 120 Starcoins
I Love the dress and it's flowing etheral look gives off the same impace as the Mortal Kiss Ballgown but for a much cheaper price at only 120 Starcoins. I paired it with the Mortal Kiss Peacock Ermine Shrug that you can find for just 80 Starcoins if you search 'white' and 'tops'. I finally added Voile's White Plastic Glitter Heels for only 40 Starcoins to achieve the similair Princess look.

Overall the look costs just 230 Starcoins, much cheaper than the first example but still with the same chic glamour. Maybe also try adding some bright coloured jewellery to truly stand out or even a nice long necklace for the deep V dip.

Good Luck with MSW.

~ Shannon O.O

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