Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kiss With a Fist Fashion ~ All Kinds of Love

Stardoll seems to be preparing for the Miss Stardoll World with the first few of the 'All Kinds of Love' look. With the MSW crown being up for sale for only 40 Starcoins.

You don't always have to wear the outfits as they are on the mannequins. Here are my picks of the new style's and how to make them stand out and different from everyone else following the Man-nequin.

Love Shorts ~ $8
For just $8 I'd say thats a pretty good price with the bright colour and flattering shapes as well as the option to go high waist with baggier tops. I suggest pairing it with the Killah Noir Bustier Top for $10 and the Moshino Tribute Lollipop Jacket for $18 and FINALLY the Archive Ankle Boots Inspired by Alexander McQueen for just $7. Overall the outfit comes to $43, a little expensive but with the colours being bold it means they could easily be paired with anything else to add that extra splash of colour.

Pretty on the Inside Dress ~ $15
Now this piece I think is AMAZING! The zig zag cut finishes mid thigh making your Dollies legs long and slim as well as the tuck in waist to give your Doll the perfect hourglass figure. The ruffled sleeved make the pixels of the shoudlers less sharp as well as making the dress much more feminine. I suggest pairing with the Sunny Bunny Kloz Purple Paisley Thigh High Stockings for just 70 Starcoins and Other Worlds Geometric Acne Inspired Shoes at $6. Overall the outfit costs $21 and 70 Starcoins making it a practical steal and that dress could be paired with anything depending on the style you want to go for.

This summer high waist EVERYTHING is so on trend with the baggier legs to keep you cool and the fitted waist to make those summer pounds slide away. Even Stardoll has gotten in on the trend and has released a pair of Bizou Chambray High Waist Shorts that I just fell in love with! I paired them with Windows on the World Boatneck Bowtie Blouse for ONLY 60 Starcoins and Baby Phats Studded White Boots at $10. Overall the look is feminine and classic as well as keeping with the pastel on trend colours.

So remember, fight the Man(nequin) and don't just follow the herd.

~ Shannon =]

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