Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Kiss With a Fist Fashion ~ Mortal Kiss

With Mortal Kiss's second book came a second store with conviently higher priced items. We know what you're up to Stardoll and this time it won't work. You can still buy some of the shiny, silver items without having to go the whole hog and wasting a bunch of money on only two dresses you'll never put your doll in.

Sheer Maxi Skirt ~ $14
I love this skirt. Because of it's length and cinched in top it means you can pair it with any kind of dress or long top to add an extra layer of volume and texture. I personally love it paired with the Mortal Kiss Mercy Flame Dress but at an overall price of $30 it's not the most afforadable.

So instead try adding a multiptude of items because I find personally there's so many different items that go well with the dress. Such as the Fallen Angel Tube Top for just 40 Starcoins. The Bisou Metal Mesh Tank that's reduced to 60 Starcoins. And the Tingeling Wild Vest for $6.


I personally prefer the tube top because it gives the effect of a whole black jumpsuit with a simple sheer skirt over the top. Pair it with the Fallen Angel Stargate Blazer for $13, Decades CC Belt for 10 Starcoins, Decades Coco Hat for $7 and Archive's Inspired By Alexander McQueen boots at $7. The total outfit costs $41 and 50 Starcoins, but the best thing is all items can be mixed and matched with any other items along with the statement skirt.

I also matched it with the Folk Hot Buys Chinoise Blazer for $21 and Windows On The World White Ballet Platforms at 70 Starcoins. The total price coming in at $35 and 110 Starcoins.

Try your own Mix and Match and see which look you prefer.

~ Shannon O.O

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