Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Kiss With a Fist Fashion ~ September Hotbuys

It seems that lately Stardoll is going for a colour / print theme when it comes to the Hotbuys and September is in store for the green, pink, purple and that bold Animal style. All of the Hotbuys this month are completely stunning I think. Usually there's one or two that aren't as good as the others but I think SD has finally pulled off a whole collection of amazing Hotbuys.

Feather Drop ~ Glam'rus ~ September 1st
Roar Tee ~ Evil Panda ~ September 3rd
Bead Necklace ~ Folk ~ September 6th
Pink Cheetah ~ Fudge ~ September 8th
Pink Cheetah ~ Rio ~ September 11th
60's Swing Dress ~ Decades ~ September 15th
Hooded Terrie ~ PopShop NY ~ September 19th
Anklet Platforms ~ Rio ~ September 23rd
Emerald Tote ~ Rio ~ September 26th
Emerald Flair ~ Rio ~ September 30th

It seems most of the items this month come from Rio and with one very strange dog coming from PopShop September is certainly in for a shock.

Personally I am looking forward to the Roar Tee and Swing Dress, and with the way they've paired the top with the Flair Skirt it makes it look like a very Salsa style dress.

What can't you wait for ???

~ Shannon O.O

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