Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Wow, I just noticed and to be honest i'm over the moon!
Thank-you too EVERYONE that has, commented, Followed, or even helped with graphic work!
Also a shout out too Lyn, Who put an ad on her club, and Bethan for her amazing graphic work
I would like too thank my past and current writers!
I would also like too thank-you all on the behalf, of Lyra, Liv and Chloe . . .
This must seem like such a small number too smaller blogs but really is important too me
Thank you
44nicole44 I noticed you where our 30th follower- I love your blog, your really talented. . .(:
Love you all


  1. You deserve 30 followers! Thanks so much ^^! It took me a year to get 100 followers lol, but i bet you will have 100 in no time!

    Ps. Summer what is your stardoll user name because I cant find you? Thanks,

    Nicole :D xx

  2. Sumz95- But you seemed too have found it ;P
    Our Followers are mainly friends on sd. . .
    Were starting to get a few randomers-which is a good sign I'm guessing :)