Friday, 30 July 2010

70 Million Members!

Stardoll has reached 70M Members!!

Now bring on the freebies! Lol, I don't think they're out yet, but we'll update when they are. You can't really expect too much, though... I wonder who the 70Millionth member was... :O


I don't really like them, $10 would've been a better gift, lol.
And I noticed the numbers are growing like crazy... 11k members in such a short time. Wow.


  1. :o
    Haven't you got your gifts!?
    I got mine ;D

  2. Well NOW I have ;P
    They're awful :L

  3. Yup D:
    I agree.
    I mean at least they're not as bad as the gift stardoll gave me when I purchased 400SD/
    THAT was awful!